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Species composition, functional and phylogenetic distances correlate with success of invasive Chromolaena odorata in an experimental test Zheng YL May 2018
Infiltration Patterns and Ecological Function of Outcrop Runoff in Epikarst Areas of Southern China Zhao ZM Jul 2018
Effects of forest transition on litterfall, standing litter and related nutrient returns: Implications for forest management in tropical China Zhu XA Jan 2019
Response of net primary productivity to precipitation exclusion in a savanna ecosystem Jin YQ Liu YT; Zhang YP
First demonstration of olfactory learning and long-term memory in honey bee queens Gong ZW Jul 2018
Olfactory eavesdropping of predator alarm pheromone by sympatric but not allopatric prey Dong SH Jul 2018
Pattern and driving factor of intense defoliation of rubber plantations in SW China Lin YX Nov 2018
Congruent species delimitation of two controversial gold-thread nanmu tree species based on morphological and restriction site-associated DNA sequencing data Ding X Jul 2018
The influence of drought strength on soil respiration in a woody savanna ecosystem, southwest China Liu YT 2018 may
Effects of land?use changes on runoff and sediment yield: Implications for soil conservation and forest management in Xishuangbanna Zhu XA 2018 JUN
Responses of the Carbon Storage and Sequestration Potential of Forest Vegetation to Temperature Increases in Yunnan Province, SW China Zhou RW 2018 MAR
Water-use efficiency and its relationship with environmental and biological factors in a rubber plantation Lin YX 2018 MAY
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